Our History

  • Heinrich Peiker and his father-in-law, Paul Beerwald, establish the factory “Beerwald & Co.” for the manufacture and sale of piezoelectric and acoustic devices and equipment; company headquarters are located in Bad Homburg, Germany
  • Production of a crystal microphone as a milestone in the product range
1950 - 1959
  • Development of cardiac microphones for use in medical instrumentation
  • Heinrich Peiker becomes the sole owner of the company
  • Production range consists primarily of various types of crystal microphones
  • Development of Type TM24 dynamic microphones for home studio technology
  • American balloonist Major David G. Simons is the first person to rise to the edge of space, at over 30,000 m (18.6 mi) in altitude; he does so with a special microphone from peiker in his helmet
1960 – 1969
  • peiker hand microphone TM70 is used with audiotape devices made under the UHER-Report brand. It is the first microphone used on a mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas
  • peiker is the sole supplier of the hand microphone TM67/TTF for the German federal air traffic control authorities, military, Eurocontrol, and civilian use
  • peiker relocates to new headquarters, gaining its own production space for the first time, in the Ober-Eschbach urban district of Bad Homburg
  • The TM40 studio microphone is rated “very good”, the highest possible score, by German consumer goods testing body Stiftung Warentest
  • Development of the built-in microphone Intercept DN125 for official applications
  • Development of the TM110/TF hand microphones for mobile radio use
  • Company is restructured as a limited partnership under the name Peiker acustic, Fabrik elektroakustischer Geräte Heinrich Peiker
  • Heinrich Peiker is awarded the newly endowed German federal award “Gute Form” by then-Federal Minister of Economics Professor Karl Schiller, in Berlin, for the TM102 microphone from peiker
1970 - 1979
  • Market launch of combined audio and speech sets for government security radio, firefighters, and other emergency responders
  • Introduction of the KL1 small loudspeaker for mobile radio; it continues to set standards in this field today
  • Development of the pressure chamber loudspeaker Type DHL1, with dual folding horn
  • Founding of peiker Consulting GmbH, focusing on worldwide acquisition, licensing, and administration of patents, copyrights, and related rights
  • The Minister of Economics of the German state of Hesse, Heinz-Herbert Karry, awards Heinrich Peiker the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in acknowledgement of his entrepreneurial and social accomplishments
1980 - 1989
  • Andreas Peiker appointed Managing Director
  • Development of the ME350 conference microphone with light ring display
  • Andreas Peiker takes over the partnership shares in the company following the death of his father, Heinrich
  • Presentation of the first operating handset HA1/A10 for mobile radio
  • H13 operating handset for mobile phones is No. 1 seller in Europe
  • Development of the first peiker passenger car hands-free kit, for Siemens
  • Conceptualization of the first digital phone answering machine, for Alcatel
  • Development of the ME7 hands-free microphone, with low-noise technology, for in-car mobile radio
1990 - 1999
  • Founding of pei tel Communications GmbH in Berlin (Teltow district), focusing on sales and distribution in the newly reunified states of Germany
  • Relocation to the new corporate headquarters in Friedrichsdorf, in the Taunus region; name changed to peiker acustic GmbH & Co. KG
  • First foreign subsidiary, peiker France S.a.r.l. (now peiker France SAS), founded
  • Expansion of activities in North America through founding of peiker acustic, Inc. in Auburn, California, USA
  • Advance into the innovative business segment of traffic telematics with the peiker product “Pole Star”
  • Testing victories in the trade publications Newcom and autoConnect with the new peiker cell phone hands-free kit
  • Relocation of peiker acustic, Inc., from Auburn, California to Dallas, Texas
2000 - present
  • Development of vehicle integration for a new off-board navigation system, together with Compaq and Tegaron
  • Market launch by peiker of one of the world’s first Bluetooth™ hands-free kits for vehicles
  • Presentation of the CupPhone™ at the CeBIT
  • Presentation of the VW Golf “e-generation” with the first in-car Internet access, in which peiker implemented the vehicle integration of the HP PDA
  • Introduction of the universal hands-free kit with interchangeable cradle (CKII), initially for Nokia, Siemens, and Motorola
  • Improvement of the Bluetooth™ hands-free kit with speaker-independent speech recognition
  • Together with DaimlerChrysler, peiker receives U.S. “Telematics Update Award 2003” for the Bluetooth™ hands-free kit as the best telematics solution and best consumer vehicle application
  • Introduction of the CKIII with built-in GSM module and Bluetooth® rSAP
  • Development of a built-in telephone with CAN connection for commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN
  • Establishment of additional production site, in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
  • Opening of a center of competency for speech input systems and vehicle bus connections, in Böblingen, Germany
  • First-ever complete integration of the Apple™ iPod® into a vehicle, using the iPod® Interface Kit developed by peiker for Mercedes Benz Accessories GmbH
  • With a product portfolio including hi-fi car kits and modular hands-free kits, peiker acquires important mobile radio manufacturers as clients
  • peiker launches its new handset with Bluetooth® technology (rSAP); specifically designed as a series solution for Audi AG, the feature-packed new handset can compete with a cell phone
  • Dedication ceremony for the new logistics center on the grounds of the headquarters in Friedrichsdorf in June 2006
  • Development of BLUETOUCHmusic® multimedia car kit in cooperation with ALAC GmbH as a two-in-one aftermarket solution: Bluetooth® hands-free kit and music station with intuitive touchscreen user interface
  • Market launch of the Universal Media Interface (UMI), an in-car combination of navigation and multimedia, for MBA as the customer as well as the cell phone cradle Car Kit IV for the iPhone® 3G
  • Development of the NAD (Net Access Device) module as the basis for future eCall applications
  • First prototype of peiker radio technology with automatic shift between time segment and RDS synchronous reception
  • USB enabled desktop microphones released for the PMR market for use in the emerging market of VoIP and RoIP digital consoles
  • The PTCarPhone 3 fixed mobile phone is released for use in government and commercial vehicle fleet applications
  • Development of Wireless Charging for mobile phones based on Qualcomm’s near field resonance WiPower technology.
  • Development of the 4G/LTE module
  • Winner of BMW Supplier Award, Connected Drive Category