Handset with one button and cradle


  • Dynamic ear and microphone capsule
  • Large push-to-talk button
  • Durable spiral cable
  • Cradle with locking mechanism for the handset with release button
  • Automatic hook switch mechanism in the cradle
  • Connection via screw-down terminal strip


  • Loudspeaker in the cradle
  • Cradle with force release button
  • Flame resistant plastic housing
  • Amplifier (built into in the A10 cradle)
  • Electret microphone capsule

Application range

  • Radio and PA systems in mobile and fixed applications


  • Cradle loudspeaker 4 Ω
  • Cradle loudspeaker 8 Ω

Scope of delivery

  • Handset with spiral cable and cradle



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